Travel through the awesome Andes on this Overland adventure. Unlock the secrets of many mystical sights as you explore the isolated islands dotting Lake Titicaca. Hike along the historic Inca Trail, be amazed by the Nazca Lines, ramble over the ruins of Machu Picchu and explore the streets of Cuzco. From the breathtaking highs of La Paz to the colonial sights of Lima, journey through Bolivia and Peru and discover two South American gems.


Spot wildlife on the Ballestas Islands

Uncover the mystery of the enormous Nazca Lines

Admire the beauty and mystery of crumbling Machu Picchu

Complete the iconic Inca Trail trek

Learn local song and dance at a Peruvian village homestay

Spy huge condors sailing high above Colca Canyon

Visit the ancient funerary towers at the Chauchilla Cemetery

Climb through the twisting streets of La Paz

Discover the wild beauty of the Island of the Sun

Cruise the reed islands of Lake Titicaca