Celebrate classic dishes and delectable delights on this Real Food Adventure through Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Get a taste for shakshuka in Tel Aviv, soak up the vibe in Acre’s Old Town fish market, tour a tahini factory, pick up local cooking techniques in Buq’ata and sample mouth-watering knafeh. Somewhere in between these tantalising experiences, float in the Dead Sea and see the historic sights of Jerusalem. This is a journey abounding in culinary delights, complex history and charismatic places.


The markets! This region produces some fantastic fruit, vegetables and herbs, and there’s no better place to sample and savour them than the bustling souqs

You’ll eat and drink with the locals, whether it’s in a winery in the legendary Zichron Yaakov or in a traditional Druze village in the Golan Heights

Visiting Bait Al-Karama women’s centre, you’ll not only learn the slow-food secrets of Palistinian and Nablusi cuisine but also support a great social enterprise

Israel has one of the world's youngest cuisines and most ancient histories, making for a dynamic combination

The region is a true melting pot – one of North African, Eastern European and Mediterranean flavours