Experience an in-depth insight into Istanbul’s vibrant local cuisine on this short but sweet food exploration of this ancient city. Explore the aromatic Spice Bazaar, visit the ancient Aya Sofia, sail down the Bosphorus and wander the streets of this great city all the while tasting its diverse and delectable food treats.


Munch your way across Istanbul, from the tasty street food cart to the meyhane (traditional tavern) in one of the city’s truly local (and non-touristy) food areas

From meze and cheese, to Turkish pastries, ice cream from Maras and the epic Islak Burger, you’d better pack your appetite for this filling journey!

Most tours will leave you lost trying to explore the Aya Sofia on your own – here you’ll take a guided tour through the hidden tales of this magnificent one-of-a-kind monument

Enjoy a true ‘real food’ experience with a home-cooked meal with a local family. A typical meal and an insight into Turkish life, customs and family are all on the table