Travel to a region equated with one of the most significant military battles of our time. Be guided through Anzac Cove to the battlefields, the Nek and Lone Pine and share the stories of heroism and camaraderie that unfolded among the tragedies of what has become a defining moment in Australian and New Zealand history. Many say that the struggles of Gallipoli marked the birth of a national consciousness among Australians and New Zealanders. Take time out to explore Troy before returning to Istanbul. This journey provides a great opportunity to pay respect to those who lost their lives and to reflect on what they fought for.


- A moving and educational experience regardless of your age or background.

- Listen to stories of bravery and comradeship

-A quintessential Antipodean pilgrimage, to reflect and pay your respects.

- Discover the ancient city of Troy immortalised by Homer in the “Iliad” hear stories of Greek Gods and peel back the layers of this ancient city.