Delve into Israel and Jordan, holy lands rich with history and an oasis of delight and intrigue in the desert. This trip will see you wandering the immense ruins of Petra, bathing in the cool waters of the Red Sea and exploring a lunar-like landscape at Wadi Rum. Take your time to explore ancient monuments, relics and holy sites of immense significance, visit hilltop fortifications and climb the Mount of Olives for the best view of Old Town Jerusalem. Immerse yourself in this journey across the best of the Middle East and gain a deeper understanding of this enduring land and its people. TRIP CHANGES FOR 2017: From 1 January 2017 this trip will no longer start in Cairo or travel to Dahab, Red Sea Beach Camp and Aqaba. The trip length has also changed from 16 days to 14 Days. These changes come as a result of traveller feedback and the advice of our local operator. We found that the ferry from Nuweiba to Aqaba was often delayed resulting in a loss of time in the next destination and a frustrating experience for our passengers. This trip will now start in Amman, giving our passengers more time to explore the city at the start of this trip. The new itinerary the group will start in Amman and then continue to Wadi Rum, Petra and Madaba, before crossing from Jordan into Israel on Day 8 to continuing on the Israel itinerary. The new itinerary will also give the group one more day in Wadi Rum (Days 2&3). This will allow the group time to spend in Wadi Rum with our Bedouin hosts and trek through the spectacular desert landscape. The new itinerary is outlined below: Day 1 Amman Day 2 Wadi Rum Day 3 Wadi Rum Day 4 Petra Day 5 Petra Day 6 Madaba Day 7 Madaba Day 8 Jerusalem Day 9 Jerusalem Day 10 Jerusalem Day 11 Jerusalem Day 12 Nazareth Day 13 Nazareth Day 14 Tel Aviv


This trip has a good balance of sight seeing and cities and beaches and desert.                              

Experience the feeling of weighlessness as you float in the super salty Dead Sea.                          

Spend the night trying to count the billions of stars or chat with the locals  at our bedouin camp in Wadi Rum.

Check out the rock cut tombs and the remains of the ancient city of Petra.   

Journey to the village of taybeh to one of the first micro brewery in the Middle East.

Take in the amazing views over Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives.

Explore vibrant Tel Aviv.