No phones, no cameras, no wi-fi – just mountains, markets and real life memories: yep, welcome to our Ecuador Digital Detox adventure. Get ready to bargain with locals over alpaca wool at the Otavalo Markets, brave a taste of tree worms in the Amazon jungle, catch a sunrise over the laidback town of Banos and soak in the charm of capital Quito. We’ll be honest: you’re going to want to pull your camera out a lot – to capture that waterfall, those colours, this roasted guinea pig. Which is why it’ll be even more rewarding to slow down, log off and experience this colourful new world the old school way: not through a screen, but through all five of your God-given senses.


Quito's World Heritage-listed Old Town is best explored on foot. Wander through its streets and plazas to discover old churches, colonial architecture and vendors selling local delicacies

A walk through the Amazon Jungle with an expert guide reveals valuable extraordinary wildlife and insights into the area's importance to the local community

Staying within a remote rainforest community in the depths of the Amazon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is truly off the beaten track

Enjoy plenty of free time in the chilled out town of Banos, which is set into the foot of an active volcano. Hike to nearby waterfalls, get active with a range of optional adventure activities or soak up the mineral goodness of the town's thermal springs

Spend a full day browsing the hand-woven textiles and fresh produce of the colourful Otavalo Markets