Join an adventure across the top of the world. From the serene former home of the Dalai Lama in Lhasa to the ancient narrow laneways of Kathmandu, traverse the world's highest mountain range and delve into the heart of Tibetan Buddhism. Mingle with locals, rub shoulders with pilgrims and take in spectacular scenery - this is most definitely Tibet unplugged. TRIP CHANGES FOR 2016 As a result of the Nepal earthquake that occurred in April 2015, the Kathmandu-Tibet highway near Lamosanghu remains closed. Unfortunately word from our local suppliers and authorities is that this road will remain closed for the majority of the 2016 season. This means that no overland travel between these two countries is possible in 2016. All CFRE trips will be re-routed to fly between Lhasa to Kathmandu resulting in an increase in cost. Trip Notes have been updated to reflect the new itinerary. TRIP CHANGES FOR 2017: From 1st January 2017 this trip will change due to the China/Nepal border remaining closed for the foreseeable future. In order to be able to plan consistent itineraries for 2017 we will continue the 2016 changes and fly from Lhasa to Kathmandu instead of travelling overland. We have also removed the one night in Lhatse and replaced with one night back in Shigatse due to passenger feedback. For 2017 this trip will be called "Tibet Uncovered" and the trip code will be CBSN. More details will be published in coming months, with the new itinerary outlined below: 1 Kathmandu 2 Kathmandu 3 Lhasa (Flight) 4 Lhasa 5 Lhasa 6 Lhasa 7 Lhasa 8 Gyantse 9 Shigatse 10 Sakya 11 Everest Base Camp 12 Shigatse 13 Lhasa 14 Kathmandu (Flight) 15 Departure Day


Flanked by the majestic Himalayan Mountains, Kathmandu is nothing short of a legendary destination. Its bustling alleyways are filled with monks, incense, goats and sacred cows; its temples steeped in symbolism

In Lhasa, discover the dazzling former home of the Dalai Lama and the enchanting atmosphere of the pilgrim-filled Jokhang Temple, the holiest in the Tibetan Buddhist world

Each leg of a Tibetan road trip seems more incredible than the last. Climb stunning passes, drive along the sides of misty mountains, and take in jaw-dropping views of skies and lakes of perfect blue

Accompany devoted pilgrims on their kora (prayer circuit), spinning prayer wheels on a clockwise walk around the perimeter of the vast Tashilhunpo Monastery

An overnight stay at Everest Base Camp, in the midst of the world's tallest peaks, is truly an experience to remember