Discover the magic of Mongolia on an overland tour through this remote country. Beginning in Ulaanbaatar, travel to Mongolia’s colourful towns, ancient ruins and stunning national parks. Learn about the conquests of Genghis Khan, bathe in effervescent hot springs and spot bountiful wildlife as you traverse this epic country's great plains. Tucked away between Russia and China, Mongolia remains one of the world’s enigmas, a true Intrepid destination with a fascinating mix of cultures and landscapes. See ancient Karakorum, quirky Ulaanbaatar and the legendary grasslands on an unforgettable overland journey through Mongolia.


Visit the fascinating Erdene Zuu Monastery.

Take in the phenomenal natural beauty of the Orkhon Valley

Soak in the Tsenkher hot springs.

Take a guided tour of Ulaanbaatar's and see the best sights.

Overnight in traditional Ger Camps.