Travel to Mongolia and experience the raw beauty and tradition of this remote region. Hidden from the world for many years, it is hard to imagine that this secluded country once created the largest land empire ever known. Unmatched geographical diversity, pristine grasslands, crumbling ruins and roaming herdsmen riding tough Mongolian horses - see it all on this journey through a land that time forgot. TRIP CHANGES FOR 2017: Please note this trip (CBSF) is unchanged for 2017. For travellers who wish to visit Mongolia during Naadam Festival, see trip code CBSO.


Mongolia is a far-out destination, but you'll be in excellent hands. Your experienced drivers, manning sturdy Russian vans fit to tackle the rugged countryside, will give you a crash course in the language

Whether by camel or on foot, experience Mongolia's incredible landscapes, from the rolling dunes of Karakorum to the volcanic craters of the Great White Lake among the mountains

Two homestays with local families allow you to experience nomadic life from the inside – a rare, rewarding cultural experience to remember

Situated in the valley of the Delger River, the Tsenkeher Hot Springs offer the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long journey on the road