TRIP CHANGES FOR 2017: From 1st January this trip will become 29 days and have a number of changes. To allow for more efficient transport connections we have removed Tianshui and will include the classic Silk Road destinations of Dunhuang and Jiayuguan as well as more time in Xi'an. 2 overnight trains will be replaces with high speed day trains. There will still be 2 overnight train journeys on the trip due to distances involved. Previously this trip included a flight from Urumqi to Bishkek. In 2017 we will travel overland from Kashgar into Kyrgyzstan.


Visit the lesser known Hanyangling Mausoleum, of the Han Dynasty. In our opinion this site is far more authentic and interesting than the better known Terracotta Warriors.

Visit the incredible UNESCO World Heritage site of the Mogao Caves, a important Buddhist site of the Silk Road.

Overnight in a yurt. Yurts are the traditional dwellings of the Kyrgyz people, made of felt and tarpaulins on a round frame.

Uncover Samarkand's Registan, probably the most recognisable of all Central Asia's monuments