Embark on a unique and little-taken journey through the wilds of Canada that weaves through the Northwest Passage and up to Russia before flying to Alaska. Along the way stop at remote Inuit communities at Sachs Harbour and Uelen, witness diverse wildlife on both land and water at Radstock Bay and Prince Leopold Island, soak up exceptional Arctic scenery at all turns and cruise through the region’s culture and history on this adventure that leaves no ice unturned or landmass uncharted.


Watch the wilderness change before your eyes during the flight from Ottawa to Resolute

Feel the cracking of thick pack ice beneath the bow of Kapitan Khlebnikov while cruising across the McClure Strait

Spy kittiwakes and fulmars wheeling through the skies of Lancaster Sound

Witness traditional Inuit industries and lifestyles in the small settlement of Sachs Harbour

Develop a deeper appreciation of the Arctic environment, and those who first charted it, through a series of on board presentations

Scan the Chukchi Seas for telltale signs of a whale blow