Located 800 km inside the Arctic Circle, right on the Northwest Passage, the Arctic Circle Wilderness Lodge qualifies as the world’s northernmost safari resort. This pristine tract of wilderness – replete with riverways, canyons and waterfalls – are incredibly scenic in themselves, but it’s the flora and fauna here that are the real highlight. Beluga whales romp about in the waters, polar bears and musk ox plod about the land and gulls, falcons and snow geese scour the skies. In between outings and lectures dedicated to the wildlife, there are opportunities to careen around in an all-terrain vehicle, kayak among icebergs, hike through canyons and whitewater raft down the swiftly flowing Cunningham River. If it’s a mix of animals and activity you’re after, look no further.


Hike out to the Triple Waterfalls and watch water cascade down five stories

Spot beluga whales splashing about in the Cunningham River Delta

Get closer to this amazing environment while paddling a kayak around floating icebergs in Cunningham Inlet

Uncover the Arctic’s huge range of wildlife – see gulls and peregrine falcons soaring around Gull Canyon

Wander through the gigantic skeletal structures of bowhead whales in the Badlands

Even transport on Somerset Island is an adventure – whiz about in the snow in an all-terrain vehicle