Set sail for the icy wilderness of Greenland on this Arctic adventure to seek out the ethereal northern lights. Venture deep into fjords and sounds to witness scenery more breathtaking than you can imagine and icebergs so spellbinding you won’t be surprised when over 90 per cent of your photos include one. From the Waltershausen Glacier to the remote Inuit settlement of Ittoqqortoomiit, this trip combines unsurpassed nature with unique wildlife and isolated habitats.


Size up the 11 km ice floe of Walterhausen Glacier

Witnessing the striking natural colours of the Blomsterbugten and Rembugten valleys

Encounter traditional Inuit culture in Itoqqortoormiit

The wide array of Arctic birdlife scouring the skies over Rypefjord

For the gentle cruise through the Iceberg Graveyard of Rodefjord

Humpback and blue whales breaching the waters of the Denmark Strait