Love to experience the natural wonders of Eastern Greenland but short on time? This here’s your trip. Starting and finishing in Reykjavik, this Arctic adventure substitutes the long sea voyages with flights so that you’ll see a whole lot in under ten days of cruising. Drift through the sublime scenery of Apelfjord, zipping out by Zodiac to look for Arctic fox and musk ox, be awed at close quarters by the enormous Walterhausen Glacier and behold Brogetdal’s multi-coloured mountains. See how local Inuit communities live in Itoqqortoormiit, witness the famed Northern Lights, visit an ancient Thule settlement and feast your eyes on Sydkap’s natural splendour. This is one trip you won’t be forgetting any time soon.


Cruise through Scoresbysund, the world's largest fjord system

Hiking across Ella Island's wild tundra

The colourful scene of Brogetdal, the 'multi-coloured valley'

Apelfjord's landscape for spying Arctic fox and musk ox

The visit to an Inuit community in Itoqqortoormiit

The sheer size of the icebergs in Sydkapp