Wandering through the Tatra Mountains feels like an excursion through a pallid snow-touched dream – the only thing greater in beauty than the endless trees and rolling landscapes are the sharp peaks that define the area, not to mention the townships that have developed a symbiotic relationship with the land. On your adventures to the highest range of the Carpathian Mountains, have something more than a mere journey – have an experience. Feel history breathe off the painted buildings of Zalipie. Understand how snow has affected local history as you travel on the back of a traditional horse-drawn sled. Replenish your energy with hearty meals, stocked to the brim with fine Polish meats and breads. Survey the lands from up high as you glide down ski-slopes. This is how the Tatras need to be experienced – through the kaleidoscopic facets that the locals have come to know and understand. Through enjoyment, tradition and exploration.


Discover Krakow, one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Central Europe

Get off the beaten track and visit Zalipie, a small but pretty village in Poland where every house is painted with folklore motives

Explore Zakopane, winter capitol of Poland, enjoy snowshoeing activity in Polish Tartras

Join Kulig, traditional sleigh ride dating back to the times of polish nobility. Enjoy traditional polish treats along the way; grilled sausages, lard with cracklings, pickled cucumbers and bread

Put the cross country skies on to discover the Slovakian side of Tatra mountains

Enjoy a range of optional winter activities during your free day in Jasna, a capitol of active tourism in Slovakia

Learn to make authentic Polish food, such as pierogis and placki, with a local cook