As a cradle of civilization, Turkey is a country with many ancient ruins and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as friendly people and historical mosques, churches, and museums. On this in-depth Turkey tour, you’ll visit many of these amazing sites, drive through its spectacular scenery, and be accompanied by an expert Tour Director who will help bring this country to life with in-depth, firsthand knowledge of the history, culture, and insider secrets.</BR></BR>Fans of ancient history will be thrilled with visits to Hierapolis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site founded in 190 BC; the archaeological site of Troy, founded 5,000 years ago; Pergamum, dating back as early as 3,000 BC; Ephesus, founded in 6,000 BC; and much more. A tour highlight is an excursion from Cappadocia, which was sculpted out of the mountains and became a hub of many civilizations, to Göreme. Here, visit the Rock Chapels, carved by the early Christians and decorated with frescoes dating from the 6th to the 10th centuries. You’ll visit a Rock-Cut Cave House and taste Turkish coffee or tea offered by the family living there—one of the special experiences offered by Globus. Also visit the underground city of Özkonak. These underground cities were once used as sanctuaries.</BR></BR>On this Turkey tour, you’ll also enjoy guided sightseeing of the must-see sights in the cities, including Istanbul; Ankara, Turkey’s capital and second-largest city; Bursa, the Ottoman Empire’s first capital with a history dating back to 4,000 BC; and Konya, known as one of the world’s earliest settlements, where man has lived since the early Stone Age. In Istanbul, at the end of your tour, enjoy a special visit to the Underground Cistern, the largest of the ancient cisterns lying beneath the city that dates back to the 6th century.</BR></BR>This fantastic tour through Turkey includes all of this and much more, including two nights in the Mediterranean paradise of Antalya. It’s a dream vacation!

City Highlights

ISTANBUL Welcome dinner, and a special farewell dinner at a local restaurant; guided sightseeing including visits to Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Seraglio, and Grand Bazaar; receive the famous Evil Eye Turkish amulet; [LF] visit the Underground CisternBURSA Guided sightseeing including visits to the Green Ottoman Complex and the Great MosqueGORDION Guided visit of the excavation museum and King Midas’ Earth TumulusANKARA Guided sightseeing including visit to Atatürk’s Mausoleum and the Museum of Anatolian CivilizationsCAPPADOCIA Guided visit of the Caravansary of Sultanhani; visit the Rock Chapels and [LF] a Rock-Cut Cave House and taste Turkish coffee or tea with the family; see the Castle of Uchisar; visit the underground city of ÖzkonakKONYA Guided sightseeing including Dervish Mevlana Monastery, Karatay Medrese, and Ince MinaretPAMUKKALE Guided visit of the HierapolisEPHESUS Guided visit of the archaeological site and Chapel of the Virgin MaryPERGAMUM Guided visit of the Pergamum Museum and AsclepionTROY AREAArea Guided visit of the archaeological site of Troy; [LF] lecture on healthy detox Mediterranean cuisineDARDANELLES Ferry crossing of the StraitsANZAC Pay tribute to the fallen war heroes at the cemetery


Full buffet breakfast daily; 12 three-course dinners with wine, including a welcome dinner and a special farewell dinner with wine in Istanbul


NOTE:Please check visa requirements with your local consulate(s); responsibility for obtaining visas rests with the traveler.


Motorcoach; ferry. Free Wi-Fi available on your motorcoach and in most hotel lobbies.